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Sherman Atlas Sylvester & Stamelman LLP is pleased to announce the addition of two accomplished attorneys to our Litigation department, Tyler J. Kandel and Lauren C. Watson.

Mr. Kandel, who will be joining as a Partner, brings over 25 years of experience in complex commercial litigation in federal and state courts in New Jersey and New York. He has successfully represented financial institutions, public and private corporations, and other commercial clients in litigation involving contract disputes, financial transactions, employment-related disputes, consumer, and business banking, and more. He has an extensive history of representing regional and national banks, private corporations, real property owners, and landlords in litigation matters.

Ms. Watson, who is joining as Of Counsel, is an accomplished attorney with a practice focused on complex commercial litigation in the federal and state courts of New York and New Jersey. She has represented individuals, corporations, and financial institutions in a wide variety of matters, including contract disputes, fiduciary duties, consumer banking, and securities litigation. Her diverse civil litigation practice includes cases arising under federal and state securities laws, the Uniform Commercial Code, and consumer protection and credit reporting statutes.

"We are thrilled to welcome Tyler J. Kandel and Lauren C. Watson to our team," said Anthony Sylvester. "Their extensive experience and expertise in complex commercial litigation will be invaluable assets to our clients and our firm. We look forward to working with them and are confident that they will make significant contributions to our Litigation department."

With the addition of Mr. Kandel and Ms. Watson, Sherman Atlas Sylvester & Stamelman LLP continues to grow and expand its capabilities in providing exceptional legal services to its clients.

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